By placing an order you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

These general conditions of contract apply to all commercial transactions in our website:

Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions of Service as well as our Privacy before placing an order. If you do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions of Service or the Privacy Policy, you should not place any order.

1. Identification is a business unit belonging to LOGICORDER,S.L. (Modaporencargo from this point on), whose registered address is number 3 - 3rd floor 2 office of Industria street, Seville. Company Number:  NIF B90192568. For any communication you can contact us by calling +34 640660615 (Spanish) or emailing to [email protected]

2 . Assignment of data

When placing an order in, the customer authorize to LOGICORDER, S.L. to disclose the personal information needed for the processing of his order to a third-party (the seller).

3.  Contents and information of the website

Modaporencargo reserve the right to modify the offers in the website at any time (modifications about products, prices, special offers and other commercial conditions and terms of service). Modaporencargo do his best to offer truthfull information in his website and with no typos. If, for reasons beyond our control, this kind of error happens at some point, Modaporencargo will proceed immediately to correct it. In case that there is a typo at any shown price and a customer has already taken the decision to buy it based on that error, Modaporencargo will contact him to communicate the error and the customer will be entitled to cancel his order free of charges.

Sometimes, the contents of the website could show provisional information about some products. If the provided information does not match the product quality, the customer will be entitled to cancel his order free of charges.

Modaporencargo is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any information, content, statement or expression that products displayed in may contain. This responsibility falls all the time on the manufacturers, distributors or sellers of those products. The customer understands that Modaporencargo is just an intermediary between him and the seller. Modaporencargo only provides a service to facilitate purchases between a customer and a seller from a foreign country.

4. Orders system

To place an order the user must be registered in, add the items to the “trolley” and place his order on line. There is no other way accepted.

5. Activity of the company

Modaporencargo only provides a service between a customer and a foreign seller (to facilitate a selling transaction between a customer and a foreign seller). is just a platform for order management, where articles from other sellers outside Modaporencargo are displayed. When placing an order in, you authorise to place that order to the seller under your name. Modaporencargo only intermediates between the seller and the customer in order to facilitate the transaction between both.

Since the articles displayed on the website belong to other sellers outside Modaporencargo, Modaporencargo cannot verify the brand authenticity of those articles.
Modaporencargo DOES NOT take any responsibility for the legal consequences that may be entailed to the transaction between Modaporencargo and the end customer.
Modaporencargo DOES take the responsibility if the article does not arrive to his destiny or if it is defective, damaged or wrong when it arrives.

6. Payment methods

When placing an order, the customer is free to choose between paying the order by bank transfer or by card (VISA or Mastercard). In some exceptions, when the buyer’s identity is not irrefutably proved and to prevent possible frauds, reserves the possibility to request a specific payment method.

7. Delivery methods, costs and times

Modaporencargo will ask the seller to send the articles to the customer by Post, by registered mail, with a tracking number. If you wish you can request the tracking number of your order emailing to [email protected]

Delivery time may vary from 20 to 35 days, and for reasons that have nothing to do with, could be extended up to 70 calendar days. Before order confirmation, the customer will be informed about delivery costs and times applied to his specific order, both estimated. However, they may vary according to the specific circumstances of each order. Especially:

  • Delivery times can be altered by unusual carrier incidents or by delivery difficulties.
  • Delivery costs are free for all products displayed in If there is any change on the price, Modaporencargo will communicate it by email and the customer could choose whether he want to cancel his order or not with no extra charges.
  • If the customer places an order that contains more than one article, they could arrive to their destiny in different packages and times since they can come from different sellers.
  • If the customer put a wrong address accidentally and the order is delivered there, the customer will bear expenses caused.
  • Order claims will not be accepted if the order were not correctly delivered to the addressee because the customer did not specify his name properly.


8. Buyer’s rights and return policy

Modaporencargo cannot guarantee the availability of products offered in his website or a specific delivery time, except for those products whose guarantee is expressly mentioned. This is due to the sellers does not inform in advance of the stock they have and does not guarantee the delivery times neither. It will depend on the time the seller takes to ship the article anyway. So, the catalogue shown is for guidance only.

Modaporencargo guarantee the possibility of cancelling the order at any time with no extra charges as long as the customer notifies the cancellation before it has been processed to be delivered. If the order has already been processed the CANCELLATION WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE and the money will not be refunded.

Returns from Canary Island, Ceuta, Melilla or international returns will involve extra charges.

Returns will not be accepted for any reason if the product does not comes in the original packaging and the label with all delivery details is intact.

The customer will have fifteen (15) calendar days from the date he receives the item to cancel the contract and return the item purchased. Within this period the customer will request the resolution of the contract through his personal account in Any return will not be accepted after the deadline.

Free returns are only accepted in Spain. For the rest of countries, please contact our customer service department.

The customer can return any item purchased through Modaporencargo services (except underwear, corsets and swim wear) as long as it has not been used, has no sign that it has been used and keep the original packaging. The customer can exchange the item for a different size or for any other product displayed in  with the same or lower price than the original item. If Modaporencargo sends the wrong product by error, it will be our responsibility to refund the customer for the item that he did not receive.

Returns will not be accepted if the article was used or has any sign that it has been used. 

In case of return, Modaporencargo will be responsible of the delivery cost. The return package must be delivered to the offices of Modaporencargo and NOT to the seller.

If the product does not arrive to his destiny, (because the package has been lost on his way), the customer should contact Modaporencargo to find a possible solution. After receiving an answer from Modaporencargo, the customer will have 5 business days to request a refund; otherwise, the only possible solution will be a voucher for the same value than the product to spend in

For any query related to returns of articles from our website you can contact our customer service department by email: [email protected] or phone: +34 640660615.

9. Customs

When the customer places an order, articles displayed on are ordered to the seller. Modaporencargo, by the nature of his activity, has no stock. It is the seller who has the article and delivers it.

As the article is in a non-EU country, it has to pass some customs procedures and it is possible that they hold it if its value exceed 22 Euros.

Modaporencargo commits to refund you the customs charges if an order gets held. To do this, you should send us the payment receipt you will obtain at Customs when you collect the articles.

10. Customer’s obligations

The customer undertakes to complete always the forms of register and orders required with truthful information and to keep it always up-to-date.

The customer undertakes to accept all the regulations and conditions established in the present General Conditions of Contract and he understands that they describe the best possible intentions of service according to the kind of activity Modaporencargo does.

The customer undertakes to accept the estimated delivery time that seller offers (from 20 to 35 business days).

The customer undertakes to accept responsibility for all the customs duties and charges that may be generated if the package (which is delivered from a non-EU country) exceed the value of 22 Euros and gets held at Customs. Subsequently he can request a refund of those customs charges to Modaporencargo. To do this, he has to provide the payment receipt of customs duties or charges. Once we check the documents, Modaporencargo will proceed to refund the amount the customer already paid for the customs charges.

The customer undertakes to keep his personal passwords of access to our website in a confidential manner and with the highest diligence.

The customer undertakes to make the order delivery possible providing an address where the order requested can be delivered. In case of breach of this obligation by the customer, Modaporencargo will not be responsible at all for the impossibility of delivering that order.

The customer undertakes to stay in the residence during delivery times (from 9:00h till 14.00h from Monday to Saturday), otherwise, the customer will have to go to his local Post Office to collect the package.

The customer undertakes to revise the information he provides in the order’s form before confirming the purchase. Modaporencargo will not be responsible for the package loss if the information provided by the customer does not correspond to his address.

12. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Orders placed in are subject to SPANISH law.

13. Customer purchase protection

The customer can request a full refund of an article if it has not been received within 70 calendar days which is the maximum protection time. Once the request is done, our team will study the case and they will notify the customer of the decision within 72 hours. If the request is approved, we will refund the value of the article not received, using the same payment method the customer did when he placed the order, if possible. The refund may takes from 1 to 5 days to be effective depending on the payment method.

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